Soragraph is based in Tokyo, but our pilots are ready to jump on a bullet train or plane and assist you anywhere in Japan or worldwide.


Our pilots are long term residents of Japan, speak the language and are full of local knowledge. Feel free to get in touch with questions about locations or procedures. Contact us now for a quote.


Head Pilot

Hamish Campbell is an Australian fine art photographer who has been based in Japan since 2009. Focusing primarily on landscapes and environmental portraiture, he feels at home in and inspired by rugged and isolated locations around the world. Many drone pilots first learn to fly, then to shoot, but Hamish brings with him years of technical and creative experience, giving his aerial photography and videography a cinematic and artistic edge over many other pilots.

He is certified by CASA (Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority) and holds an RPA license.

Soragraph is fully insured internationally, and able to submit applications to fly within Japan's no fly zones. For particularly demanding shoots, Soragraph utilises a dual pilot system, allowing one pilot to focus solely on the flying while the other completes complex cinematic movements. If you also require other local professionals, such as videographers, photographers or sound engineers, we can gladly assist with introductions.

These assets allow Soragraph to ensure your production runs smoothly and safely.


Photo by Robert McAuley

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of several DJI Inspire 2 quadcopters, using the X7 camera with a full suite of lenses. Being able to change lenses is a major cinematic advantage over many other drone types, as it allows for the use of long lenses which afford a compressed field of view normally only achievable from a helicopter.

The X7 camera provides resolutions up to 5.2K, and allows us to deliver RAW files or to shoot in industry standard codecs like Pro Res, giving your editors a much easier time during colour grading.

The drones themselves also feature numerous redundancies and safety features such as obstacle avoidance for your peace of mind on set.