Soragraph is an international provider of aerial imaging, based in Japan.

Specialising in aerial cinematography for foreign production companies, we provide images and video to suit a wide variety of needs.



Smooth, stable 5K video available in industry standard formats including Apple Pro Res and RAW to provide your production the best quality possible. Able to replicate movements which would usually require multiple tools like cranes, jibs and dollies. Dual operators ensure safe flight while capturing complex cinematic movements.


Soragraph can assist with property, mechanical, agricultural or infrastructure inspections. High resolution images and video can be provided, as well as a live video feed for guided inspections. Identify damage or repair requirements without the time, expense or hazard of deploying personnel to hard to reach or dangerous areas. Aerial mapping and surveying is also available.


Soragraph can contribute greatly to the production value of your commercial video or stills shoot, providing imagery from a unique perspective. Soragraph can work with you to naturally fit an aerial component into an existing brief, or be guided by you on site. Aerial imagery is increasingly vital for real estate and tourism media efforts and Soragraph would love to assist you.

Video Sampler


Check out the video below for a sample of what Soragraph can do for you. Whether your requirements are cinematic, documentary or advertorial in nature, we're confident we can provide you with a high quality result.


A critical and creative eye


Soragraph's main pilot, Hamish Campbell, is an established fine art photographer who exhibits internationally. If you are a smaller production company without a DP, this fact will ensure that Soragraph provides you with well thought out and carefully composed stills or video, rather than simple documentation of your subject.